Father's Invitation

Vancouver Welcomes You!

Vision Sharing

Dear family!

We have an exciting news to share with you. In response to the calling of the Lord, we will be hosting a gathering: Chinese Esther, Awake & Arise! in Vancouver on Nov 9-11, 2017.

Just as Canadian Geese take turns in leading, now is the time God has chosen the Chinese to rise up and lead. Chuck Pierce prophesied that from 2017, the Chinese will be leading the global body of Christ for the next ten years. Within the Chinese body of Christ, the Lord has raised up China to be in the forefront of the Homecoming journey. Amidst difficult circumstances, the China family sought the Lord even more fervently as a corporate body. The Lord granted them a united team with unprecedented oneness, so that “a plate of scattered sand,” the classic description of the Chinese, has now became “an Army of God”! Seeing China rise up has also awakened us overseas Chinese. We are like Queen Esther, who was a Jew living in diaspora. After being challenged by her own kinsman Mordecai, she stepped out of complacency and rose up to stand in her place!

Praise the Lord, He has also prepared a remnant on the other side of the ocean who seek His face alone. Under the cover of our fathers in the city, a group of pastors and leaders from different churches in Vancouver have become a close covenant family. Our desire is that God will find His home and dwelling place in Vancouver, Canada and the nations. Following the “Chinese One Heart Gathering” in Sept 2009 and the 1111 Vancouver Gathering in Nov 2011, both in Vancouver, when the Lord released the whole Chinese body into the Homecoming journey, He is again choosing this womb and city of Zion to birth what is on His heart.

At the end of 2016, Prophet Imiel prophesied about a Vancouver Gathering of Chinese leaders from the whole nation. This word came almost simultaneously to Papa David Demian’s call to “Awaken the Dawn.” In that prophecy, the Lord said that He wants to invite all the Chinese leaders in the nation to begin to declare His will to them. He wants to unify us and then invite the Chinese leaders in Asia and the nations to come into unity and know how to conquer the other continents spiritually. He urges us to prepare ourselves to receive His divine program for the Chinese leaders in the nation.

Looking back over the last nine months, we have been carrying His word like a pregnancy in the spirit. So we, a group of “pastor brides” from different churches have laid hold of His word and taken turns in leading “Awaken the Dawn” prayer everyday at 5 am without fail throughout the year!

In a recent Awaken the Dawn prayer meeting, the Holy Spirit released the scripture which was used in the first Canadian Whistler Gathering in 1995. Zechariah 10: 8: “I will whistle for them and gather them!” The Lord spoke to us that He is about to “whistle” again and gather the overseas Chinese who are scattered among the nations (Zech10:9). Then Zech 10: 9 - 12 speaks about Egypt and the Middle East. November 11 was originally the date for the Egypt Gathering but was later changed. Yet as we Chinese gather together before the Lord on this critical 11/11 date, we are declaring into the spirit realm that no power can hinder the Lord’s purpose for Egypt and His endtime plan. We as Chinese are willing to stand in the gap to fulfill God’s heart!

1111 stands for alignment. This is the 55th year that the four founding fathers of Zion have covenanted to walk together! So now when two generations of Chinese leaders covenant to walk together in unity, we believe that the authority from the unity will release the Canadian Chinese and the Chinese body of Christ to walk into her destiny.

2017 is the year of the rooster for the Chinese. May the Chinese Esthers in Canada and the nations arise and align to His destiny for the Chinese! May we release our voice and declare His will! We have been given a royal position for such a time as this! The Lord desires to activate the destiny of overseas Chinese, so let it be birthed in the womb of Vancouver!

As it is the Lord’s personal invitation, we believe whoever comes will be brought into deeper unity and be richly blessed. We pray that you and those He puts on your heart will hear His heart and come for the Gathering!

As we gather, let the Lord once again extend His mighty scepter from Zion (Ps 110:2)!

Pastor JoyLynn Li
On behalf of Vancouver City Prayer Altar / Renewal Family