Renewal Family

Renewal Family, was originally Renewal Fellowship, founded in 1996, was made up of a group of pastors from different denominations, led by the spirit of the Lord. Pastor Gideon Chiu is the father among us, and we met on weekly basis to worship, share heart, support each other. We become a true family. Each year, we will have a joint service in the beginning of the year. We also hold retreats to have deeper relationship with each other. Our second generation also bear beautiful fruits as the two generations walk together. As we enjoyed our fellowship together, we also felt the need to pray together, therefore, we started a monthly joint prayer meeting.

It happens that one time, a pastor felt startled when she was at Church of Zion’s prayer meeting, that in their prayer meeting people were not praying for their own church needs. Instead, they were praying for the fathers that were traveling around the nations and their works. She started thinking that if one church like Church of Zion can serve nations and God’s Kingdom by kneeling down to pray for the gatherings in different nations, how much more it would accomplish if the churches in the city will come together to own the Kingdom vision by praying together as City of Zion!


City Prayer Altar

As we visited different nations, we also witnessed that the Lord is doing great and swift works in Asia, Europe and different parts of the world. We long to see more of His deeds in Vancouver, this mother womb of the “gatherings”! We started City Prayer Altar by the confirmation of the fathers and Prophet Imeil’s words, in 2014. Although we already had monthly joint prayer meeting, the Lord increased our frequency to make it a weekly prayer gathering. The Lord also moved our hearts that it should start with pastors, just like Jesus is our King and He is now sitting at the right hand of God interceding for us as an intercessor. As Jesus is our example, we also called the pastors to stand at the position first. As the pastors stand in position, it would be like the anointing poured out on Aaron’s head, flowing down to his head and beard and whole body, and the praying anointing will flow to the churches we are pastoring.

As this group of pastors longed for the presence of the Lord, we started our weekly prayer gathering, and then the Lord led us to have a 12-hour worship each month, later becomes monthly First Fruit Gathering. Toward the end of 2016, we responded to Pastor David Demian’s call on “Awakening the Dawn” prayer. Since then, pastors from the city take turns leading the 5 am daily morning prayer meeting. Starting from December 25th 2016, this prayer meeting has not ceased for a day.

Around the same time at the end of 2016, the Lord also put a burden in our heart about this Vancouver Gathering. We started seeking the Lord daily, and our desire is to prepare for Him a dwelling place, not only in far away nations, but also in our very city and amongst our churches. Between the local churches and the nations, the Lord is raising up cities that are after His own heart. Just like the early churches, the Lord worked city by city. He broke down the walls between the churches, and released deeper anointing of loving one another. We are not only a family that pray together, we are also a truly family that walk together. We pray that the Lord will do greater things in your city. Beautiful things are bound to happen when we love and walk together!

Core Values

Family Journey — Our Core Values

Family Journey is a journey and a pathway. Where we join in is not important. What matters is where the pathway began:

1. The Call of the Father

Our Heavenly Father is longing for all His children to come home. No longer to be homeless. No longer to be orphans. Our Heavenly Father is calling: “Come home! Come back to my House!” If you are moved by the call of the Holy Spirit, and it stirs passion in your heart to respond, then arise and come home!

On the way “home”, we may wish for eveyone around us to join in. Though it is the Father’s heart for all, not everyone is prepared to go at the same time or in the same way. There is a different season in everyone’s personal journey, position, and timing. So we must let go and allow the Lord to do His work. It is not about the title, status, or name of those who are called to the journey, but about having the same heartbeat—the Father’s heartbeat. We are called to pursue Him on the same journey—a journey of turning our hearts toward Him (Malachi 4:6.) Unless we have the same heart, we cannot walk together. Unless we move in the same rhythm, we cannot dance together. We are not against a large number for unity, but we do not believe it’s based on the agreement of the majority.

2. A Journey Never Experienced Before

With an unceasing longing for our Father’s Heart, returning to His embrace, and beholding His beauty, we worship Him and surrender fully unto Him. Therefore, this is not just another meeting, a series of activities, nor a ministry. Rather, this is a journey that requires us to pursue the glory of God corporately. It is a selfless road leading to revival. Our purpose is to become a family with one single desire that is to become a dwelling place for our Father’s glory. Such journey is revolutionary.

We cannot in our own strength or in our own way, create a dwelling place for Him. This shall be done according to His word in Isaiah 66:1 which says, “Heaven is my throne and the earth is my footstool. Where is the house you will build for me? Where will my resting place be?” No one can plan, design, make massive investments, nor work to build a dwelling place for our Lord. It requires us listening and discerning corporately, laying down all individual or group interests, and offering ourselves as building materials for His dwelling place. “This is the one I esteem: he who is humble and contrite in spirit, and trembles at my word.” (Isaiah 66:2)

3. Follow God to Move Forward

Why do we practice “corporate listening”? It is because this journey is about becoming a family who listens together to the Father’s heart. In the last days, He will speak to His sons and daughters in visions, dreams, words of knowledge, and words of wisdom. He will release prophetic announcements and words pointing to signs and wonders. All these will be given by the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better (Eph 1:17-19.) By walking together as a family, we can then realize the destiny and position of the Chinese church, inherit the land given by the Father, and fulfill Jesus’ promises to all nations.

Therefore, we come to worship the Father, wait upon Him, and align our hearts together with God and with each other, so that we can hear the words from the Holy Spirit. We have determined that unless we hear the Lord clearly and practice discernment, we will not proceed. Once we receive a clear instruction from the Lord, we will obey and follow through at all cost. A full surrender regardless of the cost is what brings joy to the Father’s heart.

Therefore, if you feel called to take part in the “Homecoming”, you must not only obey the call, but you must also take up the challenge to prepare by laying down everything. By obeying the Lord and submitting to one another, we can fulfill His desire for us to be in one heart and one way (Jer 32:39). If however, you do not feel called to participate at this time, it is important to obey the Holy Spirit as this is also an act of submission. We all must listen and obey the Lord as the Holy Spirit speaks to us. May all the churches who have ears, let them hear. Amen. May the heart of our Father be satisfied by having the submission and obedience of his children.

Pastor Lydia Wong

Frequently Asked Questions

What do we do in a Gathering?

  • A "gathering" is not a typical conference
  • No planned speakers, no teaching sessions, no human pre-set agenda.
  • A time of worship and waiting on the Lord
  • A call of the Father to His children to come home.
  • Not the initiative of any one ministry but leaders from different places & different streams united in the same heart: to see the glory of God manifested in His church.

Is it a waste of time?

  • Glory won’t come by human programs
  • Waiting is a lost art in the Church – instead we are busy doing.
  • But we are supposed to be modeling ourselves after Jesus, only doing what He saw the Father doing, saying what He heard the Father saying (John 4:19, John 14:24)
  • We must give up our own rights, lay down our own agendas/plans and give Holy Spirit the freedom to rule in our midst.

What is listening to God’s heart?

  • There are two ways we can hear – through our mind or spirit
  • If we use our minds, then we will not be able to hear the impossible – only what is rational
  • God is the God of the impossible – David and Goliath, Joshua and Jericho
  • Our spirits need to discern what is of God & what is not
  • We must live by the spirit (1 Corinthians 2:14) and renew our minds (Romans 12:1-2) and bring them in subjection to the spirit.

What is Corporate Listening and Corporate Discernment?

  • Each of us sees only in part (1 Cor 13:9) that is why there is safety and wisdom in a multitude of counsel (Prov 11:14/14:22).
  • We want to live like the Early Church – seek the Lord together until we can say “it seems right to the Holy Spirit and us.“ (Acts14:28)

What are we looking for?

  • Not just a prolonged visitation of God as in a revival
  • But for us to become a dwelling place of God
  • We long for the glory of God like King David – Psalm 132 – to become the resting place of God
  • Like Moses said to the Lord- if your presence doesn’t go with us, don’t send us from here. (Exodus 33:14)

Why is worship so important in the gathering?

  • Worship helps us enter the presence of God together so we can hear the Lord more clearly.
  • We don’t set a time limit for the worship – we worship until the Holy Spirit releases us.
  • We love to see different expressions of worship in the gathering – not just singing but also dancing & painting before the Lord.

Why is unity important?

  • Only recorded prayer of Jesus – John 17 – he prayed for unity of the body and said this is a key for the world to know Jesus and His love for them
  • Unity is a spiritual principle
  • Unity is not doing things together – for e.g. when all the churches support evangelistic meetings
  • Our unity is not in doing the same things or saying the same things, it’s having the same heart
  • This is a heart in total and complete submission and obedience to the Head, Jesus Christ, in every area of our lives.
  • God is pleased when brothers and sisters are walking together in harmony and unity of heart and spirit. (Psalm 133)
  • God is a father – he likes the kids walking in harmony with each other and in obedience to Him

What is the conference fee?

  • Attendance is free as we would like as many brothers and sisters who receive the calling to come to be able to come.
  • Of course, such a large scale conference involves a lot of expenses. There are costs for the venue, logistics,etc. …
  • Therefore, we encourage those who are able to give generously.

What is the denominational background of this Gathering?
I am not a church leader or pastor, should I attend?

  • This gathering is for brothers and sisters in any denomination who believe Jesus Christ is our only savior.
  • In fact, God is pleased to see people from different backgrounds come together to seek Him in unity (Acts 13:1-3)

Can I attend only part of the conference?

  • We encourage you to attend the whole gathering, because the Lord does a unique work in every session. But you can attend only part of the gathering.

I am not a Chinese , may I join and will there be translation?

  • Yes , this gathering will be bilingual, English & Chinese. We welcome our non-Chinese family to join us.

Is this gathering primarily for women?

  • No. We are only comparing overseas Chinese to Esther who rose up in a foreign land. So the gathering is for both brothers & sisters.

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2009 First Vancouver Chinese Gathering
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