Prophetic Word

Prophetic word of Pastor Imiel at 1111 Vancouver Gathering

The Lord says unto you, My dear beloved ones from Canada and Asia, this is a top historical moment in the history of My universal Church, because I am about to release My overcomers to be qualified for the greatest event of rapture. And the Lord says: I will release the familial spirit among My overcomers to be aligned and unified, because we are experiencing the beginning of sorrows, and the beginning of sorrows is the step to the great tribulation. That’s why I am releasing My overcomers to be qualified for such a great event. There is no time to waste, because Satan will raise a great persecution to My dear chosen ones.

And the Lord says to whom will submit to My calling, I will strengthen them to the point of martyrdom, and some will be martyred. That’s why there is no time to waste. And the Lord says, I will release a universal revival, and it’s the opportune time for you to stand and to be obedient enough, because those who will neglect My orders, they will go through a very tough time. But for those who are willing to sacrifice their time, their efforts and even their lives, I will release in their spirit a new insight to stand in the gap on behalf of all those who are still not knowing Me. Accordingly from now on, you have to be alert enough, otherwise the enemy will take advantage.

And the Lord says, regarding My beloved Chinese ones on earth, I will release a unified empowerment, and many of the Chinese leaders will be crowned in such spiritual battle. The Lord says, keep in mind, I will bring into My kingdom many who are under satanic bondage, so keep alert. The Lord says, the next few years will witness a series of Gatherings, and I will proclaim hidden revelations and unfold My plan for the Chinese champions who are ready to sacrifice their lives for My Kingdom. The Lord says, in spite of what will be released in the history, I will empower those who are willing to lay down their lives. The Lord says, the next few years will bring about a time of alertness and mindfulness. The Lord says, I have proclaimed to My chosen ones regarding this Gathering, you will experience something beyond measure in your personal spiritual lives. The Lord says, I am coming soon, says the Lord! Amen!